HASHBANG Productions is a software development team with developers and designers from many locations around the world. HASHBANG is primarily focused on iOS and macOS, Apple's operating systems for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. HASHBANG's software has been downloaded and enjoyed by tens of thousands of users around the world.

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Meet the team


  • 2012: hbang.ws domain name registered on January 3rd. Released initial versions of well-loved tweaks BrightVol, FlagPaint, and MapsOpener.
  • 2013: HASHBANG becomes a registered business name. TypeStatus is a huge success, alongside other tidbits like LiveWire. SwitchSpring is the first tweak released for iOS 7. The Aphelion app project is painstakingly worked on.
  • 2014: FlagPaint is followed up with a sequel built for iOS 7’s new design. TypeStatus Plus is unveiled. TypeStatus for Mac, RePower, and plenty more released. The ControlUndim concept makes itself into iOS 8.
  • 2015: Features of developer frameworks Cephei and Opener continue to grow. Cobalia is released and enjoyed by many. The highly anticipated TypeStatus Plus finally enters a public beta.
  • 2016: We starve for a jailbreak. We dip our toes in the macOS world again with TermHere. We prove wrong of the people who said TypeStatus Plus would never be released. Plenty of refinements around the place to make things more interesting.
  • 2017: Who knows! Only time will tell.