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Latest Release: Cobalia. Switches in the iOS 8 app switcher.

Latest post: Content Blockers and You

iOS 9 came out almost 24 hours ago. Content blockers, a new extension feature in iOS 9 that allows for blocking of web requests, cookies, and HTML elements, are already at the top of the App Store charts with tens of thousands of downloads.

This has a potentially large impact on the future of the Web. The mobile web used to be a relatively safe zone for ads – to block ads/trackers on iOS, you had to be savvy enough to know how to (or accept the security compromise of) jailbreaking your device, or use a VPN, or be on a corporate network that blocks such things. Now, it’s as easy as updating to iOS 9 (which the majority will do within a few weeks, as always), finding and installing an app, and turning it on in the Safari settings.